Mary Beth Pfeiffer - Crazy In America
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Photo Gallery

The People in Crazy In America

Shayne Eggen "Indian Princess"

August 13, 1963
June, 1989-Decorah camp ground, Iowa
School photo, age nine.
Indian Princess on a horse.
Age fourty-three at the Mental Health Institute in 2007.
Credit: Shane Eggen
Credit: Gary F Wilson / Art Thru Photography

Luke Ashley " Mookie"

July 12, 1979 - December 5, 2003
Age 10, at White Water Falls in North Carolina, 1989.
Within days of his twenty-first birthday
Round Rock, Texas, 2000.

Alan Houseman " Shimky"

February 17, 1953 - March 8, 2003
Alan, about five, and his brother David, three, in Baltimore,1958.
Alan and his brother David, at about ten and seven years old, Madeira Beach, Florida.
Credit: Houseman Family
Alan, thirty-Six, Thanksgiving 1989.

Peter Nadir "Pete"

April 6, 1971 - February 8, 2003
Peter, fourteen, and his sister, Susan, seventeen, circa 1985.

Peter, twenty-six, and his mother, Barbara, circa 1997.

Jessica Roger "Jet"

March 5, 1981 - August 17, 2002
Second grade, Warring Elementary School, Poughkeepsie, age nine.
Jessica and her sister Cora, about fifteen and sixteen years old, circa 1997.
Jessica with her mother, Joan, at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, circa 2002.

Joseph Maldonado "Joe-Joe"

October 2, 1986 - August 31, 2005
Age fifteen or sixteen, circa 2001.
On his eighteenth birthday at Preston Youth Correctional Facility, Ione, California, 2004.
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